Have you met Cree and Bruce yet?

I have and maybe you have too! They’re both pretty awesome.

This is Cree. An Ojibway and Cree artist (also with European ancestry) who loves to incorporate natural and traditional materials into all her creative endeavours. She’s basically a multimedia genius.

Photo by Janna Zachary

And this is Bruce. He’s originally from Ottawa and arrived in Thunder Bay about ten years ago, alongside Cree. He’s a talented artist in his own right, creating abstract works and sculptures with natural materials.

Photo swiped from Facebook

And the both of them together:

Also swiped from Facebook 👌🏼

Both longtime Thunder Bay residents now, when they appear at the events and sales together, Cree is the artist and Bruce is the artist technician.

Cree is constantly making and Bruce is constantly being a supportive and incredibly helpful partner. He helps with navigating the media, and the time consuming tasks of setting up displays and dismantling the displays. He even builds and designs all the displays!

Whenever I see Cree and Bruce at an art sale, I focus on the jewelry and always seem to ignore the other art. I should stop that. Because look at the art!!

To be fair, it’s really difficult to take your eyes off of the jewelry because it’s gorgeous and it’s all displayed so beautifully and uniquely.

Perfect use of natural items in both the actual jewelry and the display. What a wonderful collaboration:

I keep telling myself that I need one of these beautiful pieces, but I always think, oh chill out, there will be plenty of artisan sale opportunities to come!

Though it’s been a long time since I’ve been part of a sale… and a long time since I’ve set foot at a sale.

Pandemics, am I right?

The following pictures of Cree and Bruce were taken at a sale of course; I think they tell an adorable little story:

I know. Way too cute.

Their faces make me happy.

I look forward to a time when we can all visit again at those seasonal sales. I miss meeting the artists and seeing the art up close.

Stay creative, my friends!

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