Have you met Cree and Bruce yet? I have and maybe you have too! They’re both pretty awesome. • This is Cree. An Ojibway and Cree artist (also with European ancestry) who loves to incorporate natural and traditional materials into all her creative endeavours. She’s basically a multimedia genius. •Continue Reading

My story about Kyle was originally printed in the November 2020 issue of The Walleye. It has been edited and reprinted here. When Kyle was 13 years old, he visited a friend who had a basement full of miniature hand-painted game figures. It was a moment of inspiration: “I don’tContinue Reading

Is there even a point in writing about Luc? I’m going to say… no. Not really. This guy doesn’t need any help with publicity! He’s established himself as an incredibly talented and sought after artist in Thunder Bay. He certainly doesn’t need MY help. Having said that, the last timeContinue Reading

I’m always making lists. I love lists. This is my list of five amazing local women that are compelled to create and curate various media… for your ears! These women are all artists and they all make things we can listen to, including… PODCASTS! Stephanie: Stephanie is currently working asContinue Reading

Alynne, born and raised in Port Arthur, is an incredible chameleon. Sometimes she looks like a wife and mom who loves to go hiking and hunting with her family. Other times, she likes to put on a daring costume or a geeky sweater or some sweet shade of lipstick. Alynne’sContinue Reading

Last year I wrote about Angela. She had just had some serious open heart surgery and was busy recovering her strength and health. She was also pretty busy inspiring people. Angela’s feeling pretty good these days: strong, capable, and definitely still busy. She’s been spending her time working from home,Continue Reading

The Alexander Henry isn’t a person of Port Arthur. She is a boat. However, she was built right here in the Port Arthur ship yards! In 1959! The Alexander Henry was a hard working coast guard ice breaker for many years, breaking up the Great Lakes ice when it wasContinue Reading

A few years ago I wrote about Ida. She was delightful and hardworking! I loved visiting with her at Prime Gelato and The Cheese Encounter. I’m so excited and proud to introduce you all to her new venture! Ida has opened a store called Pretty Fly Co. It’s quaint, whimsical,Continue Reading

I’ve been hearing about this beautiful lady for years… YEARS! Miranda’s sister has been my tattoo artist for a long time and we’ve shared so much while sitting together in the tattoo studio. It’s only natural that we’d talk about our families. I’ve heard so much about Miranda (or MirContinue Reading