One day, while making my downtown rounds, I stepped into Olives & Bananas…. and there she was… Our eyes met across the room as we circled one another, slowly moving closer… Just kidding!! That’s not how I operate. I saw a woman I’d never met before; she said hi andContinue Reading

I stayed out until after midnight last Friday night! I was yawning at 7pm but I rallied so I could spend some time with friends and see Rock Steady play at the Foundry. And! If you’re going to watch Rock Steady play, it’s quite likely you’ll see Julia taking pictures.Continue Reading

I had the pleasure of taking in an afternoon matinee at Magnus Theatre and then sitting down to visit with the Artistic Director Thom Currie. Guys… he’s pretty delightful. And he has a pretty killer sense of style. That tie! Thom has been in Thunder Bay for three years now;Continue Reading

This was originally published in the August issue of the Walleye. When Julie Einerson first opened the doors to her bakery in the spring of 2013, she didn’t even sell cupcakes. Sweet Escape is literally known around the city for the amazing cupcakes and they weren’t even on the menu.Continue Reading

She says, “Greetings! Welcome to my studio!” Thank you for having me, Meg! From the moment I walked into this beautiful studio space, I was pretty much in love. First of all, it was warm and cozy. Secondly, it smelled so good! Thirdly, Meg was listening to my favourite podcastContinue Reading