My story about Kyle was originally printed in the November 2020 issue of The Walleye. It has been edited and reprinted here. When Kyle was 13 years old, he visited a friend who had a basement full of miniature hand-painted game figures. It was a moment of inspiration: “I don’tContinue Reading

The Alexander Henry isn’t a person of Port Arthur. She is a boat. However, she was built right here in the Port Arthur ship yards! In 1959! The Alexander Henry was a hard working coast guard ice breaker for many years, breaking up the Great Lakes ice when it wasContinue Reading

This article was originally published in the February issue of The Walleye magazine. • In another lifetime, Pat O’Connor was literally working on the railroad. He hails from Chapleau Ontario and spent several years traveling around Northern Ontario on the trains. He really liked the Thunder Bay area and hadContinue Reading

I had the pleasure of taking in an afternoon matinee at Magnus Theatre and then sitting down to visit with the Artistic Director Thom Currie. Guys… he’s pretty delightful. And he has a pretty killer sense of style. That tie! Thom has been in Thunder Bay for three years now;Continue Reading

After I posted about People of Port Arthur winning top blog spot in the Walleye Reader survey, I received a lot of lovely messages of encouragement. But also this one: This isn’t what I’d classify as “hate mail.” It’s a legitimate complaint; it’s feedback about an important issue. I respondedContinue Reading

I joined Lisa Laco in the studio this morning for an interview! Now, obviously I like to talk so I was pleased to have the opportunity to chat on air about my various projects, specifically People of Port Arthur. Here is a link to the article posted by the CBCContinue Reading

Some of my beautiful People of Port Arthur babes are no longer in Port Arthur.   Or even in Thunder Bay! Veronika, also known as Number Five has moved to Alberta! * Julia, also known as Number Eighty-Four, moved all the way to British Columbia! * Some people had babies!Continue Reading

Sunday morning, while brunching with some of my squad (I love how pretentious that makes me sound), we were joined by a gaggle of gorgeous girls!   Perhaps I should refer to them as women, but I’m really into alliteration.   So girls it is! It was such a treatContinue Reading