I’m always making lists. I love lists. This is my list of five amazing local women that are compelled to create and curate various media… for your ears! These women are all artists and they all make things we can listen to, including… PODCASTS! Stephanie: Stephanie is currently working asContinue Reading

Last year I wrote about Angela. She had just had some serious open heart surgery and was busy recovering her strength and health. She was also pretty busy inspiring people. Angela’s feeling pretty good these days: strong, capable, and definitely still busy. She’s been spending her time working from home,Continue Reading

I’ve been hearing about this beautiful lady for years… YEARS! Miranda’s sister has been my tattoo artist for a long time and we’ve shared so much while sitting together in the tattoo studio. It’s only natural that we’d talk about our families. I’ve heard so much about Miranda (or MirContinue Reading

This is Shelley! Shelley is a dedicated and hard working nurse. Another familiar face around the blog. Though I guess it’s hard to tell now, isn’t it? Shelley has been working hard throughout the pandemic. She’s always a dedicated worker, though acknowledges that it’s more important than ever to stayContinue Reading

This is Lindsay! She has been on medical leave from her job since January. She feels a bit like an expert on the “stay home” way of the world right now. Thankfully, she’s feeling better, but of course she can’t go back to work. So what is she doing whileContinue Reading

Erika isn’t technically from Thunder Bay, but I mean, Kakabeka Falls is soooo close. If she wanted to say, “Hey, I’m from Thunder Bay,” nobody would dare argue the point. But regardless of semantics, Erika went to high school in Thunder Bay and now attends Lakehead University. She’s currently inContinue Reading

I met Julia many years ago. The first thing you need to know is that her name is pronounced Hoolia! It’s like Julia. But with an H! The first time we met was on the Merry-Go-Round at Chippewa Park. Maybe seven years ago? We were with our kids, Julia withContinue Reading

Last month we met a wonderful young lady named Sandy and I promised to introduce you to her partner as soon as possible. Honestly, I could have (and should have) introduced Austin a lot sooner but I am easily distracted. But here he is!!!! Sandy on the right, Austin onContinue Reading