I haven’t really known Richard for very long, but I’m pretty sure he’s been around forever. Or at least for the past fifty years… But since I wasn’t around fifty years ago, I can truthfully say that I’ve been seeing this guy around town for my entire life. As aContinue Reading

She was here… And then… as I was getting to know her… She left! But that’s ok. She’s certainly been through a lot; she’s allowed to leave and start the next chapter of her life. About six years ago, Lindsay came to Thunder Bay because her husband accepted a jobContinue Reading

Most of the time I don’t use last names here, but Jennifer gave me permission… Have you ever heard a more perfect sassy reporter name? Jennifer Jones!!! She’s like Lois Lane. Or is she a super powered vigilante a la Jessica Jones? Or a combination… Vigilante reporter: Jennifer Jones. SheContinue Reading

She is a woman of many talents. For example, she’s really good at puzzles! Just kidding! She’s terrible! This is her just kidding face: That’s the “community puzzle” set up at Pneumaticity. Fit a couple pieces in while you wait for your appointment. We’ve met many wonderful Pneumaticity people overContinue Reading

Last month, Ryan and Lionheart Studios were featured in the Wallspace section of The Walleye. This month, he’s getting re-featured here! People of Port Arthur is always more than happy to post news after its already been published. It’s like, sloppy seconds, but less vulgar. I think. Aaaanyway!! There’s somethingContinue Reading

This was originally posted in the June issue of The Walleye. Article by Leah Morningstar, Photo by Jason Veltri. From rural Wisconsin, Sobota arrived in Thunder Bay in the fall of 1969 and quickly immersed himself in Thunder Bay’s fledgling LGBTQ community. Everything was underground but there were designated meetingContinue Reading

I met this lovely ray of sunshine at Bay Village Coffee today! I went to the new location finally and she welcomed me with the biggest smile. Say helloooooo to Victoria! Victoria was born and raised in the Ottawa area and studied white water rafting at Algonquin Provincial Park. SheContinue Reading

June is Pride month in Thunder Bay (and all over North America) and the city is making great strides in celebrating diversity and becoming a more accepting and safe space for those in the LGBTIQ2S+ community.  The pride parade/block party is coming up on June 16th and each year theContinue Reading

It’d like to introduce you to an amazon warrior woman. Her name is Angela and she just had open heart surgery. And she rocked it. She’s up and shes doing well. She’s exhausted and experiencing pain of course, but she’s doing pretty, all things considered! Angela is going to needContinue Reading

Happy Mother’s Day to Jolene! A few weeks ago, I was at In Common with a friend and we just HAD to talk to this adorable mother/son duo! On this particular day, Jolene and Jason were out celebrating new beginnings! Jason decided to go back to school to start upgradingContinue Reading