Beeeeeeeeeefcaaaaake’s!!! Normally I’m not one to make sweeping declarations (or maybe I do it all the time, I can’t remember), but I think Derek makes the best burgers in town. The accomplished chef and proud restaurant owner: Derek was born in Thunder Bay (Westfort kid!) and has spent many yearsContinue Reading

Last year I met Amanda at Craft Revival, this year I met her partner. At Craft Revival of course! Amanda warned me ahead of time that he looks like a young Mick Jagger and I have to say… I see it! Logan was born in Thunder Bay and did allContinue Reading

It’s kind of weird that John and lived so close to one another for three years AND went to Renco nearly every day and only ran into each other once. We ran into each other all over the place but it blew my mind that we didn’t meet up atContinue Reading

One of my favourite people to run into is this guy right here: It’s Brian! I’ve known Brian and his family for over twenty years now. How did THAT happen? I met him when I was about 14 years old when he and his wife (and young baby) began attendingContinue Reading

From time to time, I’ll be at dinner or brunch (or some other event), and I’ll look around the room or table and think, “I’ve written about all these wonderful people… except for Lisa!” It’s not that I didn’t want to write about Lisa, I just kept putting it off.Continue Reading

One day, while making my downtown rounds, I stepped into Olives & Bananas…. and there she was… Our eyes met across the room as we circled one another, slowly moving closer… Just kidding!! That’s not how I operate. I saw a woman I’d never met before; she said hi andContinue Reading

I stayed out until after midnight last Friday night! I was yawning at 7pm but I rallied so I could spend some time with friends and see Rock Steady play at the Foundry. And! If you’re going to watch Rock Steady play, it’s quite likely you’ll see Julia taking pictures.Continue Reading

I had the pleasure of taking in an afternoon matinee at Magnus Theatre and then sitting down to visit with the Artistic Director Thom Currie. Guys… he’s pretty delightful. And he has a pretty killer sense of style. That tie! Thom has been in Thunder Bay for three years now;Continue Reading

I took this picture of Simeon last fall at the bizarre Bazaar, held annually at the baggage arts building in Marina Park. He purchased a Tom Waits print from me, so obviously he has good taste in music. I took this next picture a few days ago at Moon MoneyContinue Reading

This blog has been around for three whole years now! In that time, I’ve put oh so many people on the spot. Lak is no exception. Lak works in the kitchen at In Common; when they came out to say hello, I just had to snap a picture! I’ve knownContinue Reading