I found this guy sneaking a bit of lunchtime gelato the other day. He used to be a traveling musician, touring around the country, bringing rock and roll and good times to the people.   That was a lifetime ago.   Tom still loves music but at the moment, he’sContinue Reading

This is Jena: Don’t let that clean cut exterior fool you.  She really looks like this: Zoom in on those eyes if you want to blow your mind hole! Jena loves working as a beauty consultant at Shoppers Drug Mart because she gets to be right there on the frontContinue Reading

It isn’t short for Jason, James, or Jacob.  It’s just Jay. This simple monosyllabic sound of identification can’t begin to adequately describe a man of such vast interests and talents. Computers, technology, literature, theatre, nature, music, and silliness.  That barely scratches the surface. One of the main things Jay isContinue Reading

I used to joke that Devon was my hero because I was convinced it was she who voiced Ariel in Disney’s The Little Mermaid. But really, she is my hero for many reasons.   Once upon a time she was a single mom with a tiny baby in a tinyContinue Reading

Living a few blocks away from Merk has its perks.  For instance, if you need to borrow a tool, he will let you borrow that tool.   If you need to talk about weird stuff that’s happening in the neighbourhood, he will talk about that weird stuff. However!   IfContinue Reading

A shock of red hair.  Head thrown back in laughter.  This is a woman you probably want to know. Veronika spent the better part of the last decade in Toronto perusing a myriad of theatrical and artistic passions, including dance, acting, and stand up comedy. Two years ago, Veronika’s pathContinue Reading

Heidi puts on pretty dresses when she gets home from working at Tim Horton’s. Heidi is in denial about colder weather and keeps wearing her flip flops. Heidi has a stash of candy in her house that she will feed your kids. Heidi is a loving mother, always willing toContinue Reading

A restaurant worker by day, a blues man by night. And for always. You see him laying there, relaxing in the sweet sunshine? You’d never know that this quiet, gentle, and unassuming soul can rock a fedora and a dark suit while wailing on a guitar.   Unless you’ve seenContinue Reading

Giulia hails from Cervia, Italy and speaks with a slight accent that will delight your ears and tickle the rest of your senses.  Seriously. Giulia loves nothing more than exploring the beauty of her adopted Northern Ontario home; she spends a lot of time, in the warmer months, fishing andContinue Reading

In July, I moved to a new house in a new neighbourhood and I love it. I spent the first 32 years of my life in the same three block radius.  I proclaimed myself to be a ‘lifer.’  I said I’d never move. To put it delicately… events transpired. MajorContinue Reading