The Alexander Henry isn’t a person of Port Arthur. She is a boat. However, she was built right here in the Port Arthur ship yards! In 1959! The Alexander Henry was a hard working coast guard ice breaker for many years, breaking up the Great Lakes ice when it wasContinue Reading

This article was originally published in the February issue of The Walleye magazine. • In another lifetime, Pat O’Connor was literally working on the railroad. He hails from Chapleau Ontario and spent several years traveling around Northern Ontario on the trains. He really liked the Thunder Bay area and hadContinue Reading

Beeeeeeeeeefcaaaaake’s!!! Normally I’m not one to make sweeping declarations (or maybe I do it all the time, I can’t remember), but I think Derek makes the best burgers in town. The accomplished chef and proud restaurant owner: Derek was born in Thunder Bay (Westfort kid!) and has spent many yearsContinue Reading

This was originally published in the August issue of the Walleye. When Julie Einerson first opened the doors to her bakery in the spring of 2013, she didn’t even sell cupcakes. Sweet Escape is literally known around the city for the amazing cupcakes and they weren’t even on the menu.Continue Reading

Something very exciting is coming. AND IT’S COMING TOMORROW! Do you remember Amy?  Number 150.   A beautiful human being. Amy has experienced serious loss in recent years with the passing of her mother and that of her infant son.   Such loss had Amy at the bottom of aContinue Reading