She says, “Greetings! Welcome to my studio!” Thank you for having me, Meg! From the moment I walked into this beautiful studio space, I was pretty much in love. First of all, it was warm and cozy. Secondly, it smelled so good! Thirdly, Meg was listening to my favourite podcastContinue Reading

I first met Amy, or rather, I first saw her about fifteen years ago at Lakehead University. I saw her walking the halls so I’m just going to assume we were students at the same time. Amy was born in Dawson Creek BC and moved to Thunder Bay as aContinue Reading

Whenever I’m in a restaurant (a regular haunt or a place I’ve never been before), I like to talk to the staff. Why not, right? They bring me food and drinks, I give them money, so it’s a nice exchange. If it’s not busy, I like to learn a bitContinue Reading

This guy, Lucas, is quite a character! His parents were born in Poland and immigrated to Canada (the Thunder Bay area) in time to welcome their blond little baby this side of the Atlantic Ocean. Lucas attended the electrical engineering program at Confederation college and then worked as an engineerContinue Reading

This fella wasn’t born in Port Arthur or Thunder Bay, but he did live here for awhile! Originally from Fort Frances, Ontario, Devan currently resides in Brandon, Manitoba. He lived in Port Arthur for two years while completing Completing a Forestry Technician diploma at Confederation College. He graduated in 2004,Continue Reading

Kristin grew up in Thunder Bay with a loving family, parents, step-parents, brothers, sisters: a veritable gang of fun! As a young woman, she had dreams of working in radiology. It’s an incredibly difficult field of study to get into and Kristin put that dream (temporarily) on hold while sheContinue Reading

I met Matt about four years ago. I went to a Mad Hatter themed tea party with a friend and Matt was there as a photographer. He took a photo of my friend and I, then later, I contacted him about getting a copy! Hey, you, photographer that I don’tContinue Reading

I received an email from Dan just before Christmas. He saw my picture in the Walleye where I posed in front of a wall of my artwork. Dan saw the picture and was particularly taken with the Tom Waits print. And why wouldn’t he be? It’s awesome. I said, “YesContinue Reading

Oh Julia, how lovely to see you all grown up! My mom and Julia’s mom are friends and former coworkers. Julia and I (and our siblings) used to be former play-date friends! Even in the 80’s play-dates were a thing! Julia and her two sisters and twin brother would comeContinue Reading

I met Kris for the first time at the CBC last Wednesday. Of course I had heard of him before! Many times! Kris was born in Thunder Bay and attended Lakehead University, then moved on to Ryerson for the Journalism program. After completing a year, Kris was offered a jobContinue Reading